Drone Footage Heightens Interest

... adds perspective, emotion and engagement

Drone footage is increasingly important in the way we tell our stories. 

And it isn't only about video. Aerial Photography photography adds a different perspective for presenting property for sale or inspection. 

Glastonbury Carnival Club reached out to help them promote this year's return of Carnival. 

Different Ways to Use Drone Footage

Below I've shared a number of video projects involving drone footage to get you thinking about what is possible when you decide to include drone video and photography into you campaign content.

Tell a bigger story 

Everything looks different from above and people love to explore a bird eye view. 

Drone footage holds attention and can captivate your audience.  

B-Roll to promote live events

Live seminars, conferences, networking events need lots of promotional content. 

In this example for ActionCoach we were limited in only being able to promote and venue. 

In a perfect world we would want to include video footage from a previous seminar for the new audience to feel what it would be like to be there. 

Let your audience see you at work

You don't need a drone for people to see you at work, although it can be useful if your business involves the outdoors. 

Here the farmer is bringing in the crop. A fun video first edit, although if sold commercially it would need further editing. 

Charity fund raising

Here I have used drone footage for a Crowd-Funding page raising awareness of Well's desire to introduce Trishaws to the City. A perfect example of a video telling the story and drone footage including as b-roll.

B-roll is a term used to describe secondary footage, often used as cutaway footage, to provide context and visual interest to help tell your story.

The campaign was successful and we will see Trishaws in Wells in 2023

Property sales &  inspection Work

There was a time when inspecting a could involve expensive scaffolding. Not any more. 

Drone footage helps sell property, especially where the location or acreage is an important part of the sale. 

As yet, I've not actually looked for such work but if the property market takes a downturn in 2023 as is expected, I'd be interested to talk with creative estate agents.

Drone Photography may be enough

PS "Whatever you do, you need to grab the attention of your audience, stop 'the scroll' and get them to 'lean in' to a conversation about your product or service. Get started now, before your competitors do.  Let's discuss." ... Paul Clegg

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