Frequently Asked Questions

... along with should ask questions if you are considering marketing with video

What will it Cost?

Most people start by asking for a price. Understandable I suppose. The first question I would ask in return is "what do you want the video to achieve and where does it fit into your marketing strategy". 

I focus on affordable, well produced videos beyond that which most people can take on your own.  Together we need to determine what sort of video will make the greatest impression in your sales process. To do that I need to understand your sales process and what you feel you want the video/s to achieve. I don't want you to spend money on something that will not have the right impact.

Neither do I want you to think I am not skirting around the issue. 

You need to have a budget of around £450 to shoot a video from which we can take a number of edits to produce a campaign. We have to plan the shoot, produce the footage and then edit. Editing takes more time than the first two elements put together. 

If video is to be an ongoing part of your strategy  entering into a continuity program (videos produced on a regular basis) would be a good way to go. Ideally over a given period (minimum three but ideally six months as a trial). Think of it as like having your own 'Marketing Videographer' regularly meeting to discuss and implement opportunities to promote your business. 

Where do I start? What do I do first?

Fortunately I do, which is why we should work together. There are some excellent videographers out there and of course friends with a camera but Video Marketing involves much more. Finding someone with a grasp of video and marketing is not easy.

You see, I'm primarily a very experienced Marketing Guy with a good grasp of the impact of video in keys parts of your business. 

First things first, we need to discuss your present business strategy inc. lead generation, sales process, client retention and referral process. When we know where business is won and lost we can decide if and where video needs to be employed to 'plug the gaps' or improved the impact. 

Video Marketing for Small Business is my niche and the initial consultancy is an essential first step. 

What do I say?

Most people, even professional actors, don't. Which is why they have script writing and film directors. Delivering your message in the video is all part of the creative process as we prepare. 

Also, another good reason to work with someone who can help you clarify a simple message. Working with an experienced sales and marketing professional is a good decision. 

I am Camera Shy

I hate being photographed, let alone speaking in front of a camera. This may have put you off in the past but it needn't. First of all we can produce effective videos for your business without you being in the frame. However, I have some experience and techniques to ensure you are relaxed and able to come over as your natural, authentic self. If you are able to hold a conversation with a potential client and win business you can do the same in front of a camera. FACT. 

You just need someone with techniques to help you get over your fears (together with some clever editing). But as I've said, face to camera is only one way of getting your message across. We have others.  

What Next?

If I haven't answered the questions you want to ask, give me a call on 07976 243107 or book a Zoom call

I'm here to help .... Paul Clegg

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