if you're seriously considering video marketing, far better to discuss your marketing with a marketing guy who understands (and *uses video) than a video guy who doesn't. *And most of them don 't.

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Video Email from your Smartphone or WebCam

The more you include video into your weekly 'to do list' the better you will get. That's how I started. You can too.

Video is almost as good as being there.

I build video into my email and social media strategy too. Dubb is my favourite video email platform as it has so many features I can use that I don't get elsewhere.

Click here to to see why.

Record a video message from your car!

Record a quick video from your car. Upload it to a landing page template on the Dubb system. The page can contain an automatic link to a further video as well as a 'call to action' button. 

Add an automatic link to you diary. Maybe a link to a video reply - useful for video testimonials.

You don't need a web developer to set this up. I can show you how.

Click here to View to see it in action.

Video Marketing Strategy - Deep Dive 

Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan is the best selling author of They Ask, You Answer. Highly recommended content strategy for every business based on answering the questions potential clients ask, even the awkward questions. 

In the video opposite, Marcus delivers one the most inspiring and informative seminars on how to deliver video marketing in your business.  

I'd also recommend his book The Visual Sale


PS "You need to grab the attention of your audience, stop 'the scroll' and get them to 'lean in' to a conversation about your product or service and to do business. Get started now, before your competitors do.  Let's discuss." ... Paul Clegg

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